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Book review - Storytelling With Data

Storytelling with Data: A data visualization guide for business professionals Author: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic Author cred If you’ve gone to HR conferences (pre-pandemic) or done any HR reading in the past few years, you’ll know about the effort that Google put into it’s people analytics function… largely to get data-based evidence for what makes their best leaders successful – called “Project Oxygen.”   Lots has been written about what they found, including  Work Rules  by Laszlo Bock, the head of HR at Google at the time. As Bock writes in the forward to Knaflic’s book, she was hired as an early and critical member of the people analytics team. Her success distilling “messy” data into clear and actionable information was exactly what was needed for their project; she was then tasked with developing a course to teach data visualization principles to the rest of the organization – and they put her on the road to deliver the content to Google business leads around the world.