Private or public? Privately public.

The other thing I wrestled with when I decided to start blogging again was whether blogging was even the way to go.

I want to have a daily writing and reflection practice, but it could just as easily (more easily) be a notepad on my computer or my phone. (After years of work writing in my job, I really only write with fluency at a keyboard, and use pen and paper mainly for organizing ideas or jotting them down to process later.)

I've decided to use this platform for now. Given the proliferation of social accounts and information sources, I am not overly worried about being discovered. And I might want to share some of my reflections with others. 

On reflection: My motivation for writing is to integrate the stuff I learn day-to-day. I do that best when I take the approach of sharing it with others; it forces me to apply a different lens to what I am writing. So blog it is for now.


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