Sometimes our body knows more than we do

I want to write something every day, or close to that, about something I'm learning. Something brand new, something learned long ago that's been reinforced, something where the lesson is still taking shape in my mind.

(This blog is mainly, for now, focused on the stuff I learn professionally.  While I learn something almost every day about what I need to do to be a better friend, mother, partner, I am not yet ready to share some of those more personal reflections. I may get there.)

Today was one of those days in which I was in back-to-back meetings, running a couple of them, and I didn't really get the chance to pause and reflect. I barely got the time to prepare. 😏 Still, I did observe something worth sharing — that my body was giving me signals all day long, and that I need to stop and notice them more often.

I had a good day, ran good meetings, got good feedback. But I still noticed the noise my body was making a couple times. It's really important to acknowledge that discomfort, and try to identify the source of it. It will help locate where I may have more work to do, or where I may need to forge better partnerships.

I was privileged to attend a session last week where the speaker, Ritu Bhasin, talked about this, how noticing our bodily sensations and discomfort is often a great way to identify our own baggage and biases.  I will blog about that another day. Today was really just about me acknowledging that I do have those inner voices, and that I will be paying attention to as a key to unlocking and understanding them.


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