What makes me happy (at work)

Here's some of what I love about my work, in no particular order:

  • It changes every day.
  • Sometimes I can get lost deep in thought, and sometimes I can just churn stuff out, one thing after another, rapid fire. (Next!)
  • I am respected for my unique abilities.
  • I trust my colleagues, even when they disagree with me or I disagree with them. 
  • I get a chance to laugh pretty much every single day. (Often enough at myself!)
  • I work for an excellent organization, doing meaningful work. I like to think I am helping in a small way to make that happen.
  • The people are great. It's rare in the extreme that there is someone I have to work with that I truly can't abide. The ones I like less often bring something unique that helps me grow and see things differently.
  • We have an amazing physical space, and great technology...
  • ... and more!
This is starting to sound like an ad, which is weird because that's not what I want this blog to be (otherwise I would give you a link to our job postings!). But I am really the happiest I've been, professionally, in many ways.  

Something's missing
Still, nothing is ever perfect. For me, one thing that's been missing in my current gig is the "title" and status. Sure, I am respected, and I have influence in a small but meaningful way. But my contributions are not really recognized outside of the people I interact with daily. People may know who I am, and in a general way the kinds of things I do... but I don't really lead a portfolio or a project that people can point to and say "she did that amazing thing!" 

Why do I want that? I miss being the go-to person for advice... like when I was a marketing consultant in the start up world, eons ago. "Go see Gillian; she'll know what you should do." Being the acknowledged expert on something is cool and a reward I sometimes miss. In part, I miss the opportunity that comes with that, the invitation to share what I know.

Time to stop whining
I am filling those gaps in my own way. This blog is one ... Writing about what I am learning helps me integrate the knowledge I've gained day to day in a way that being a consultant did. As well, I am mentoring someone at work now. (More on that in a future post.) And I am looking for opportunities to talk on various topics, and share (and integrate) knowledge that way.  

What about you? How are you expanding your professional horizons and getting professional fulfillment in your otherwise stable gig? What do you do to grow?


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